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Temari balls are an art form that originated in China and was introduced to Japan as a toy, they have evolved into a beautiful art craft and today they are a valued and cherished gift, symbolising deep frendship and loyalty.  The designs of these cakes were inspired by the beauty of the colourful Temari balls, combined with a traditional Victorian sponge base, it has developed into a modern and sleek small cake. The colours and piping works can be customised to suit your theme.        

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Signature Temari Cakes
Standard Temari Cake Price Guide
£120 : for an Extra Large Size Temari : 7inch diamter, serves around 25-30 finger portions
£50: for a Large Size Temari: 5inch diamter, serve around 10 finger portions
£16: for a Medium Size Temari : 9cm diamter, serves 2-3 finger portions
£11: for a Small Individual Size Temari: 6cm diamter, serve as a individual cake
£250: for a set price for 10 Medium and 10 Small size cakes, serves around 30- 40 finger poritons 

The concept of these small ball Temari Cake Tower is designed by Makiko Searle and is under protection of the Intellectual Property Rights 

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